Password Managers - Depth of quality over glamour

Gwilym :: March 5th, 2019
Password Managers - Depth of quality over glamour

I've been a Lastpass user for over 5 years. It's been a great app and I can't recommend enough the use of a password manager:

  • Allows you to have very strong passwords for everything (that you couldn't possibly remember) and a single password/2FA for the manager.

  • You can change passwords without having to remember them, so you can do it more often.

  • Lets you share passwords amongst your team.


It's time to move on however, Lastpass has been great but development of some of the extensions seems to be slowing down and there are simply better options out there that are more transparent through being open source, with better interfaces and more extensions for every platform.

I looked at a number and have settled on Bitwarden for the following reasons:

  • I really like the basic UI - it really hammers home to me that when you are really relying in the functionality of an app all you really want UI wise is .. for IT TO WORK .. sure the fact that it is cleanly laid out and easy enough to understand is important but the function is key.

  • I totally agree with this guy. Lastpass always left me with a slightly icky feeling in my mouth using it everyday, I think it was the auto filling everywhere and many, many options surfaced everywhere. Heck maybe it was just the colour? Anyway Bitwarden feels more understandable and therefore feels more likely it'll be secure over time.

  • Open source (so cloud audited) AND independently audited what a great mix! It won't matter to many people but it's also engineered so businesses can self host the code if they like, while I probably won't I love that they have made this a top level requirement of there product.

  • The price, free or $10 usd p.a for a single user is easy to grok and seems fair. I haven't paid yet but am going to.

  • And they accept crypto currencies!